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“Making predictions is difficult, especially when they are about the future”
Niels Bohr
  Over the last years we collaborated with important companies all over Europe, developing a valuable experience in different sectors, both at strategic and operational level.

Broggini Consulting Expertise Industrial

- Industrial, Agriculture and Construction
- Automotive (OEM and components)
- Hydraulic and Mechanical Components
- Electronics
- Packaging
- Control and Security Systems
- Payment Systems
- Vending Machines
- Self-service Kiosks

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Broggini Consulting Expertise Construction

- Construction Materials
- Rental Machinery
- Furniture and Lighting
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Broggini Consulting Expertise Consumer Goods
Consumer Goods

- Food
- Beverages
- Baby Care
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Broggini Consulting Expertise Retail & Food Services
Retail & Food Service

- Food Retail
- Clothes & Fashion
- Financial Retail
- Vending Operators
- Food Service & Catering

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Broggini Consulting Expertise Business Services
Business Services

- Training & e-Learning
- Certification Services
- Marketing & Merchandising
- Events
- Facility Management
- Media
- Publishing
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Broggini Consulting Expertise Health & Beauty
Health & Beauty

- Pharmaceutical Products
- Biotechnological Products
- Diagnostic Equipment
- Aesthetical Services

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C/ Ramírez de Arellano 17 – Bajo
28043 Madrid-Spain
T. +34 660 720081
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Largo Settimio Severo 3
20144 Milan-Italy
T. +39 342 656 1603
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Rua Pedroso Alvarenga 691
04531-011 Sao Paulo-Brazil T. +55 11 3845 4501
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