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“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future”
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Our Competence

When it comes to investment, growth and internationalization, clients’ requirements are very specific, and the services offered by large advisory firms do not always represent the best option.

The scope of the advisory activity must be adjusted to the specific circumstances of the project: instead of selling ‘pre-packaged’ studies, BCS always structures its research and advisory activities around the needs of the client

Analysis should ‘add value’ and provide specific and fact-based information: BCS performs intensive, ‘hands-on’ primary research to get prime data and industry insights to formulate own conclusions

Flexibility and responsiveness must be guaranteed during the whole study: BCS operates in close contact with the client, continuously reviewing and refocusing the scope of the work

A global approach is required in almost all circumstances: BCS can count on an excellent global network, without necessarily bearing all the costs associated with it

Results must reflect the independence and impartiality of the analysis: BCS is focused on market studies, strategic advice and operational support, offering an unbiased execution of the study

Strict confidentiality must be assured during and after the study: due to its size, BCS can operate unobserved ‘under the radar screen’

Assignments must be completed on time and within budget: BCS cost/benefits ratio becomes very attractive compared to other alternatives


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