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  Integration / Restructuring
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Investment / Divestment
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Integration / Restructuring
Investment, diversification and international expansion require the implementation of specific measures to expedite the control over the investments or the new business initiatives.

In these processes BCS acts as advisor “from the beginning to the end”. Our business know-how and expertise, along with a practical and focused approach, qualify us as an excellent partner to carry out integration processes.
  • We define and assess potential operational synergies and we support their implementation through an Integration Management Office (100-Day Plans). Our level of involvement can vary from a pure planning and executive supervision to the operational implementation of specific measures.

In some cases our expertise helps to define and implement Feasibility and Restructuring Plans. Our pragmatic approach, always oriented to quantifiable and measurable results, allows us to develop action plans to reduce risks and implementation delays.

  • Analysis, diagnosis and follow-up of key business indicators (cash flow, operational and commercial efficiency…).

  • Economic and Technical Reports for legal purposes and to support on Collective Dismissal Procedures.

  • Continuous implementation support and follow-up activities (Project Office).


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